Suzanne DeKeyzer James' Sample Portfolio

Commissioned Work - Portraits and Landscapes - Wildlife
Below are samples of work - On Canvas, Canvasboard, or Wood Panels (where indicated)
Sample illustrations are watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.
Papier Mache Sculptures are one-of-a-kind creations.

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Portrait of Douglas - Canvas Board
Portrait of Bettye (Canvas)
Buckskin in Poppies (Chip Board)
Some Beach Somewhere (Canvas)
Navaho Vistas (Canvas)

Canadian Moose (Canvas) Property of S. Dufour
Sonorian Spring (Canvas)
Roma Dukker with Danu (Canvas)
Storm Eagle (Canvas)
"Wyakai" (sp) (Canvas Board) Property of F. Walker
"Jigsaw" (Plywood)
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Water Color Illustrations

Watercolors are from the Inspirational Picture Book Entitled: "Celebration of Flight" written and illustrated by Suzanne DeKeyzer James
Male Pigeon Title Page
New Beginnings Squabs
Safe in Gentle Hands
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Papier Mache Sculptures

Sculptures are molded in Paperclay over newspaper armatures. All are original sculptures by the artist.
Alice from Alice in Wonderland
The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
Queen of Hearts and her Courtiers (Ace and Deuce)
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